Time and Cost Effective

Time and Cost Effective

Working with BitLocker drive encryption in an enterprise environment, performing tasks like encrypted drive recovery or simply managing BitLocker encryption keys even without TPM protection, is complex, and if pre-boot authentication and associated PIM codes are added it can become a near impossible task without a centralised management solution.

This is where BitTruster come in, not only do we provide a full-featured, full lifecycle, centralised BitLocker management solution, but our unique solution architecture streamlines both test and production installations as nothing additional needs to be installed on the managed machines.

BitTruster frees you to devote your precious resources to what matters most – towards ensuring compliance and utility.

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Securing our data and devices with BitTruster has been a lifesaver!

BitTrusters centralised cloud-based solution made it amazingly simple to manage our entire Microsoft BitLocker lifecycle.

BitTruster’s knowledge on numerous Microsoft BitLocker implementation gave us the confidence to take on such projects