Why BitTruster ?

What you should know about GDPR and CCPA and How Hard Drive encryption can protect your business

As GDPR’s laws apply to businesses of every kind, the task of performing administrative duties and the need to make organizational decisions calls for solution utility maximization. Our experience of several successful implementations and countless referenceable customers, ensures you piece of mind in efficient BitLocker management. You can confide in BitTruster’s honesty and ready-to-help attitude to guide you through Microsoft BitLocker carrying out by ensuring utility and compliance.

Manage your BitLocker systems more effectively with BitTruster

Managing the entire life cycle of your companies’ Microsoft BitLocker from a centralised cloud-based solution is ideal in utilizing cost, time and risk management. BitTruster ensures BitLocker can be used most effectively while being cost-efficient even in highly complex IT environments. It reduces administrative efforts by its automated management features, enabling you to protect your data all while meeting compliance regulations.

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How BitTruster helps CIO/CISO

Why CIOs & CISOs LOVE BitTruster

With CIO being the company’s executive responsible for the management implementation and usability of information and CISO being the executive responsible for establishing and maintaining the enterprise vision and strategy to ensure information assets are adequately protected, there is a direct need for an encryption management solution. Especially in today’s digitalized world with the ever increasing regulations and privacy limitations regarding data security. In order to comply with privacy regulations, enable cognitive activities and identify threat/attack patterns, most companies need to house substantive amounts of data. Therefore, a direct need for an effective data storage strategy arises.

BitTruster is helping customers across the globe manage their BitLocker systems more efficiently. With BitTruster BitLocker management it takes CIOs and CISOs much less effort to keep their systems up and running. It enables you to define and manage BitLocker encryption policies from a unified console making the security specifications easy to put to action. Everything from initial client registration to ongoing recovery key management could be done with ease and efficiency with BitTruster BitLocker management.

Such companies should be careful in identifying, assessing and controlling threats from a wide variety of sources including data loss/theft. Data loss is a serious risk for businesses and companies of all sizes. It can happen for a number of reasons and these include accidental deletion, cybercrime, physical damage, and formatting errors. Not only does BitTruster help companies manage the risk associated with data loss, it also helps them find potential compliance violations. BitTruster promotes security awareness and encourages the usage of best practices from both a process and a technological point of view.

Why business owners LOVE BitTruster

Business owner’s utilization and overall efficiency is crucial when it comes to decision making. As an organization that collects personally identifiable information, whether you are a big, small or a midsize-business, data protection is critical. That is, if you are looking to avoid intellectual property losses, lost productivity, legal costs, and not to mention reputation damage. Therefore, it is of great importance to have a grasp on how encryption works- turning plain information to ciphertext. That can be achieved through the full volume encryption feature that is BitLocker.

However, tools built into the operating system to perform a variety of management tasks can be used. In order to access information using an authorized account for the device, normally the drive automatically unlocks. However, if trying to access the system in another way you will be prompted for a recovery key. With BitTruster, the two bits of information needed for account repossession are stored permanently in the database, allowing you to access them immediately if needed, making it both helpful and convenient to manage your data encryption.

With BitTruster BitLocker management your company can live up to its compliance obligations with significantly reduced effort needed for data protection. Not only does BitTruster have a simpler approach to make compliance reporting easier, the reporting functions of BitTruster BitLocker management can be customized to suit your needs as a company. Therefore, making it ideal for compliance solution implementation without having to hire a CIO or CISO.