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BitTruster <span>On-premise</span>

BitTruster On-premise

Self-managed on-premise solution: Optimised for MS SQL and Active Directory. Administrate every aspect of BitTruster locally within the safety of your own perimeter.

  • End to end BitLocker encryption control
  • 24/7 Encryption Status Monitoring
  • TPM/PIN management
  • Easy setup and administration of pre boot authentication
  • Policy-driven BitLocker encryption management
  • Consistent handling of all endpoints
  • Helpdesk functionality to deal with PIN/password issues
  • Role-Based Access control
  • View, distribute and share protection status reports
  • Self Help portal for independent PIN/Password retrieval
  • Solution Support
$1.99* / per endpoint per month


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With BitTruster we feel secure that our data is truly protected!

I don’t know anything about cyber security and everyone is suggesting BitTruster. Really simple and efficient.

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Securing our data and devices with BitTruster has been a lifesaver!

BitTrusters centralised cloud-based solution made it amazingly simple to manage our entire Microsoft BitLocker lifecycle.

BitTruster’s knowledge on numerous Microsoft BitLocker implementation gave us the confidence to take on such projects

What you should know about GDPR and CCPA and How Hard Drive encryption can protect your business

As GDPR's laws apply to businesses of every kind, the task of performing administrative duties and the need to make organizational decisions calls for solution utility maximization. Our experience of several successful implementations and countless referenceable customers, ensures you piece of mind in efficient BitLocker management. You can confide in BitTruster’s honesty and ready-to-help attitude to guide you through Microsoft BitLocker carrying out by ensuring utility and compliance.

Peace of mind

BitLocker management is under control

Successful implementation

Hundreds of successful implementations

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Countless customer references

Manage your BitLocker systems more effectively with BitTruster

Managing the entire life cycle of your companies’ Microsoft BitLocker from a centralised cloud-based solution is ideal in utilizing cost, time and risk management. BitTruster ensures BitLocker can be used most effectively while being cost-efficient even in highly complex IT environments. It reduces administrative efforts by its automated management features, enabling you to protect your data all while meeting compliance regulations.


You can count on our experience

Easy to use

BitLocker simplified

Cost effective

Reduce implementation cost

Risk Management

Protect your business from data loss