Does the Rest of the US Have a Similar System to the CCPA?

Does the Rest of the US Have a Similar System to the CCPA?

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So, you’re wondering whether or not there are other similar systems to the CCPA in the U.S.

Well, here’s the short answer: Yes, there are quite a few other systems that are similar to the CCPA.


The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a law that affects your health information. This law requires healthcare providers to protect medical information.

Not only that, but this law also affects how a patient’s information is stored, shared, and sent to other people.

HIPAA was created to help patients remain protected at all times. For that reason, it’s enforced even if the patient hasn’t signed or is aware that this law is there.

So, you can already see how this law is similar to the CCPA. they both protect customer data. Or, more specifically, medical information (in the case of HIPAA).


The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) affects the collection of credit information. It also affects access to credit reports.

This law has been around for much longer than the CCPA. It was passed in 1970.

But, what exactly does this law include? And, why is it similar to the CCPA? Simply put, the FCRA includes:

  • How information about individual consumers is collected and shared by cred bureaus.
  • Giving consumers certain rights. These rights include the customer having free access to their credit reports.

And, much like the CCPA, the FCRA also gives fines to anyone who fails to comply with its rules.

However, much like the CCPA, people under this law can also use BitLocker and BItTruster to encrypt and manage their data. The same thing applies to other data collecting laws within the state.


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) also has its fair share of similarities with the CCPA. This one protects the privacy of student education records.

Who does this law apply to? FERDA applies to any public or private elementary, secondary, or post-secondary school. It also applies to state or local education agencies.

But, these institutions also have to receive funds under a specific program of the U.S. Department of Education in order to be affected by this law.

Why is this law important? Because it can:

  • Gives parents or eligible students more control over educational records
  • Prevents any educational institutions from ever revealing any personally identifiable information in education records. They would need the consent of an eligible student to do that.

This law also grants parents and students a lot of rights, just like the CCPA.

Being Compliant Everywhere

These were just a few examples of other U.S. laws that help protect your data. There are still many others that were designed for that purpose.

But, that’s not to say that the CCPA is not important. CCPA compliance can benefit both you and your business. We can tell you all about how it can do that.

We are here to help your company grow into a more prosperous business!

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