What is Considered Personal Information?

What is Considered Personal Information?

Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft BitLocker

by BitTruster

Are you worried that businesses are collecting your personal data? You really shouldn’t be. Businesses collecting your personal data is actually a lot more normal and common than you might think.

Now, we know that you’re probably wondering: “How is this a normal and common thing when I’ve never even heard about it before?”

Well, one of the reasons why you may not have heard about it before is probably because there was no CCPA before.

What is CCPA? Here, we’ll explain:

CCPA And Personal Information

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) makes it possible for consumers to have a lot more agency with what happens to their personal information.

This information can be:

  • Your real name
  • Your alias
  • Your email address
  • Your IP address
  • Your social security number
  • Your driver’s license number
  • Your passport number

So, keeping all of this data in mind, it’s really no wonder why people would want to have a lot more agency.

This information is not “kind of important”. It’s really important. And, nothing good would come of anything happening to it.

Businesses have to be absolutely careful that that never happens.

Businesses and Personal Information

Luckily, the CCPA can help people by reducing their worries. Under the CCPA, businesses have to let people know that they are using their data.

They have to comply and respect the fact that people now have a lot more rights. People now can:

  • Choose to know more about businesses collecting, using and sharing their personal information
  • Choose to try and prevent businesses from continuing to collect their data
  • Choose to opt-out of the sale of personal information

And, as we said, businesses have to respect these rights. They shouldn’t discriminate against anyone who chooses to exercise them.

But, it’s not like businesses would even want to do something like that anyways. It’s not in their best interest to do so.

Why? Because if they did, then they would get a fine for not complying to the CCPA ruleset. And, just to be clear, these fines are not going to be like your typical parking ticket.

Fines can be pretty expensive. And, the more you get fined, the more expensive they will continue to get.

Plus, you would also lose your customer’s faith. If there’s no trust, how will you be successful? You can’t.

So, save yourself the headache and comply with those rules. All you have to do is give an explanation about why your customers have nothing to worry about.

You can just tell them that you are using BitLocker to encrypt all their data. What is BitLocker? We’ll tell you:


BitLocker is by far the most reliable encryption tool out there. With BitLocker, all your data is going to be safe, encrypted, and out of harm’s way.

Yes, you read that right. BitLocker encrypts all of your data. That process makes the data unreadable to anyone who doesn’t have the key to decrypt it.

So, you won’t have to worry about anyone getting their hands on it.

And, that’s not all. Managing this entire thing is also pretty easy.BitTruster will make sure of that.

BitTruster is an amazing system. It can manage a lot of data in a short amount of time. Without it, you will have to go through all the data one by one. 

That can take a lot of time. Well, not anymore. With BitTruster, you won’t have to worry about wasting your time ever again.

Safer Information Leads to Success

And, that’s pretty much it. Personal information is really important. Businesses know that. And now, so do you.

The CCPA also knows that. That’s why it exists in the first place, to help you have a lot more agency of your data.

But, there’s still so much you can learn about the CCPA. We can help with that. You can learn why personal information should be kept safe and what you can do about it.

Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft BitLocker

by BitTruster