Collecting Data Ethically

Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft BitLocker

by BitTruster
  • By BitTruster
  • August 17, 2021

Do you know how much data you collect in just one day? The answer is: a lot. A lot more than you think. Every swipe on your phone, every key you hit on the keyboard, that all collects data.

Companies collect most of that data. They need it to collect information about random people. I know it sounds scary, but it’s actually pretty normal.

Yes, some people will always want to hurt you, but this isn’t one of those cases. At least, most of the time it’s not.

Don’t throw your phone away just yet though. You can easily protect yourself. Just use BitLocker. With Bitlocker, all your data will be safe. Not only is it easy to use, but fast too.

It’s also really easy to manage. BitTruster can do that for you. You don’t have to spend a lot to get BitTruster. It’s actually really cost effective. You will spend next to nothing and gain a lot.

So why is some data still stolen? Well, not everyone knows that data is collected. People don’t protect something that they think is not in danger.

There you go. No one will steal your data now. Yes, some companies will use it. But, that won’t hurt you. It’s just random information.

And, that’s all about the data that other people collect from you. I have yet to mention the data that you collect from the internet.

Whenever you use social media, create a new account, you are also collecting data. It’s okay, most of the time you’re not collecting data that is that harmful.

But, it’s still not 100% harmless. If you’re working from a school or work computer, then some data is sensitive. You want to protect that data.

BitLocker can help you again. Just encrypt that data, and you’re all set. No one can harm you now.

That’s it. Yes, companies use your data, but that won’t hurt you in any way. If people want to hurt your data, just encrypt it. BitLocker will help you out.

So, don’t throw your phone away, just be more careful and safe.

Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft BitLocker

by BitTruster