Why Should All Devices Be Encrypted In Order To Secure Data?

Why Should All Devices Be Encrypted In Order To Secure Data?

Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft BitLocker

by BitTruster

Is the data in your device safe? If you’re not sure what the answer to that question is, then you might want to check up on that.

But, why? Is it really that important that your data has to be safe? Yes, it is.

You see, if the data in your device is not encrypted, then other people can steal it. Hackers will. Here’s why they do that:

Why You Have To Look Out For Hackers

Hackers are a big threat. And, the worst part about that is that they will always be there.

Let’s say that you are storing data that a hacker needs. If that data is not encrypted, then it won’t be that hard for that hacker to steal it.

If they manage to steal it, that data will either be lost forever, or the hacker will hold it as leverage. There have also been times when attacks from hackers have occurred because of personal vendettas.

But, that doesn’t happen very often. Most of the time, hackers just want to get their hands on something that can benefit them.

That’s already a big deal when we’re about your data. But, imagine if your company was storing your employee and client data. If that data ever goes away, so will your clients.

After all, who can trust a company that doesn’t make its clients feel safe? No one would.

Don’t panic just yet, though. There’s a silver lining. You can encrypt your data. That way, it will remain safe and out of harm’s way.

Just use BitLocker. That way you never have to worry about your data being stolen again. Here’s everything that BitLocker can provide for you:

How BitLocker Can Help

BitLocker encryption offers the best protection for your data.

Hackers can’t break through something like BitLocker. The only one who will do that is you. As long as you have an encryption key, that is.

Encryption Keys

Once data is encrypted, you will need an encryption key to decrypt it. Thanks to encryption keys, data can be readable again.

And not only that. But, data will only be readable to you. This means that if anyone tries to read your data without using an encryption key will fail. You are the only one who will be able to read it.

Where can you get an encryption key? They come with BitLocker. You can set up an encryption key as soon as you install BitLocker.

You can also set up backup keys. That way, even if you lose your first key, you will always have a way to access your data. Then, you can see firsthand why BitLocker is such an amazing encryption system.

Why BitLocker

BitLocker is not only safe but really easy to use too. You won’t have to worry about whether or not you understand what you have to do. BitLocker can make your job that much easier.

BitLocker is also really fast. You can encrypt all of your data and waste no time at all.

Not to mention that you don’t have to spend anything to download BitLocker. That’s right! BitLocker is free to download. But, managing it is a whole different case.

By far, the best and easiest way to manage BitLocker is by getting BitTruster. Bittruster can benefit you and your business in so many ways.

How BitTruster Can Help

As mentioned above, BitTruster is the best way to manage BitLocker.

Why would you want to spend a lot of time managing BitLocker on your own? BitTruster can do the job for you.

BitTruster can prove to be incredibly helpful for your business.

Through BitTruster, you can:

  • Manage BitLocker automatically

You never have to worry about managing BitLocker on your own. Thanks to BitTruster, data can be automatically encrypted by BitLocker after it’s read.

CIOs and CISOs are the ones who will manage data in your business. So, this feature can benefit them greatly.

  • Save up to gain a lot

Yes, BitTruster is not free. However, it is very cost-effective.

You only have to spend a little for safety and comfort. Just choose one of the three plans that BitTruster offers. They all benefit you. And, they’re all cost-effective.

The three plans that BitTruster offers are:

  1. The Silver Plan
  2. The Gold Plan
  3. The Enterprise Plan

Find out more about them here.

Now, you know why data has to be encrypted. And, you also know how to easily do that.BitTruster will inform you of everything you have to know.

All that’s left now is to build a safer business!

Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft BitLocker

by BitTruster