Why is the CCPA Such a Strong Privacy Law?

Why is the CCPA Such a Strong Privacy Law?

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by BitTruster

Have you ever wondered why the new California privacy law is so talked about?

Well, one of the reasons has to do with the fact that the CCPA has significantly improved the protection of personal data. The catch is that the CCPA only affects California residents.

Although, there are some companies (Netflix, Starbucks, Microsoft, UPS) that are trying to have the CCPA affect other people within the U.S..

The reason for this being that they want people from other American states to feel the benefits of the CCPA. they don’t want anyone to feel excluded.

But, why would customers even want to feel these benefits? Let’s take a look:

How Do Customers Benefit From the CCPA

The CCPA grants consumers a lot of rights. They have the right to:

  • Know when their data is being collected, by whom, and why it’s being collected in the first place.
  • Ask for the collected data to be deleted and prevent the company from ever collecting it again.
  • Opt-out of the sale of data if that’s what they choose.
  • Inform business when their rights aren’t being met and that they shouldn’t be discriminated against for exercising those rights.

This is how customers benefit from the CCPA. They get to have a lot more of a say with what happens to their data.

Companies have to be a lot more transparent about the way they collect data now. They can no longer do it without informing their customers first.

Also, companies can no longer sell any personal data without the customer knowing about it and giving it the go ahead.

So, with all of that in mind, you’re probably thinking: “Why did companies go along with this law when they can’t enjoy any of the benefits?” Simple, it’s because companies too have benefits.

How Do Companies Benefit From the CCPA

One of the main benefits that businesses have from the CCPA is reliability. If a business complies with the CCPA ruleset, that means that they will have to inform their customers when data is being collected.

And, if customers choose to give you the go ahead about using their data, then that means that they trust you.

Customer trust is not something that should be taken lightly. It can either help a business grow to the top, or plummet to the bottom.

If a customer trusts you, that means they won’t think that you are doing something bad with their data. They will revisit your business constantly and possibly spread the word so that others can do the same.

But, if they don’t trust you, then they will no longer want anything to do with your business. The more customers you lose, the less chances you will java at being successful.

So, how can you make sure that customers trust you? Well, once you comply with the CCPA, you will have to let them know that their data is being kept safe.

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Stronger with the CCPA

The CCPA benefits both businesses and consumers. It was created to break the wall between the two and create a more transparent relationship.

But, there are still so many other things you can learn from the CCPA. We’ll show you.

Stick with us, we can show you everything you could ever want or need regarding data security!

Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft BitLocker

by BitTruster