Why is the California Consumer Privacy Act necessary?

Why is the California Consumer Privacy Act necessary?

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by BitTruster

So, you have to comply with the CCPA, but are not really sure why it’s necessary to do so.

Fear not! We are here to explain what this act is all about. And, what it is you need to know and do in order to comply with the rules that are in this act.

So, let’s start at the very beginning. What is the California Consumer Privacy Act?


The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is meant to bring some much needed transparency between customers and the businesses that collect their data.

Before, businesses would just collect data without even telling the consumer that they were doing so.

But now, they can no longer do that. Every single business that collects information from California residents has to comply with the CCPA ruleset. Otherwise, they would have to face the consequences.

What sort of consequences? Well, if a business fails to comply with the CCPA ruleset, then they have to pay a fine.

And, don’t make the mistake of confusing these fines with something that is very easy to afford. Fines can become the reason why your business fails. And, the reason for that is because they can be so expensive.

Plus, the more a business doesn’t follow the rules, the more they will get fined.

And, what’s worse is that those fines continue to become more and more expensive. That will lead to your business continuing to become less and less credible.

So you see, the CCPA is really important. Everyone who is affected by it has to respect the fact that their customers now have a lot more rights.

What are these right? Here, we’ll show you:

Customer Rights

Yes, as you’ve probably gathered by now, the CCPA grants customers a lot of rights. It’s one of the key reasons why it was created in the first place.

What sort of rights do customers have under the CCPA? They have the right to:

  • Know who exactly is collecting their data and why they’re doing to begin with
  • Stop businesses from continuing to collect data and delete it if that’s their choice
  • Opt-out of a sale
  • Point out that businesses have to follow the rules and not discriminate against customers who know their rights.

These aren’t just rights that businesses can take into consideration. They have to respect them, or else the company will get a fine.

The Right to be More Secure

All a company needs to do is comply with the CCPA rules. You can easily explain why you need the data.

Tell your customers that you want it to better their experience. You can also tell them that nothing bad will happen to their data.

How could anything bad happen to it when you’ll be using BitLocker and BitTruster to encrypt and manage it.

And, if you are interested in learning more about CCPA and data security, we also help. Just click here to do that.

BitTruster is here to help your company grow and give its customers the right to be more secure.

Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft BitLocker

by BitTruster