Who Does the CCPA Affect?

Who Does the CCPA Affect?

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Are you sure that your business is affected by the CCPA? There’s actually a chance that it might not be.

Thinking that your business is affected by the CCPA is not an uncommon thought. Usually, the people who think this have a business within the U.S..

But, having a business within the U.S. does not automatically mean that your business will be affected by the CCPA. The CCPA is not actually that broad.

What your business needs to be in order to be affected by the CCPA is fit into the exact criteria of the CCPA.

Here’s more about those criteria:

Businesses and the CCPA

When it comes to the CCPA, it all depends on whether or not your company fits into what the CCPA calls a business.

Under the CCPA, a business is:

An Organization that Does Business in California

If you have an organization that does business in California, then you are most likely affected by the CCPA. And, by an organization, we are, of course, referring to a for-profit business.

But, doing business is a pretty broad term. Does an organization need to be part of a specific type of business process that is affected by the CCPA?

If an organization does business with or within California only once, they won’t really be affected by the CCPA. But, if the process is repeated constantly, then they definitely will be affected.

What does this process include? Collecting data.

A Business that Collects Data

A business doesn’t need to just collect data in order to be affected by the CCPA. It needs to collect the data of California residents.

This data usually involves personal information, which is also a pretty broad term. But, when it comes to the CCPA, it usually boils down to it involving your name, alias, address, email, phone number, passport number, and so on.

The reason why businesses even consider gathering this information is so they can better customer experience and give a chance to their businesses for growth.

So, if a business collects the personal data of California residents, they have to also comply with the ruleset that the CCPA set for them.

And, we’re just talking about the businesses within California. Do the ones on the outside have to follow the same rules? Let’s take a look:

Businesses Outside of California

It doesn’t really matter if your business is headquartered somewhere that is not California. You can still be affected by the CCPA.

The CCPA can not only affect businesses that are based in another American state, but even the ones that are outside of the U.S..

This might come as a shock to some people. After all, the whole point of the CCPA is to benefit the California residents, right?

That’s right. But, that doesn’t mean that your business can do business with California and be off the hook just because they’re not based in California.

As long as your organization affects California residents, it will be affected by the CCPA.

But, that’s no reason for you to panic. As long as you keep customer data safe, there’s really nothing you need to worry about.

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A Safer and More Successful Business

Well, now you know all about the organizations that the CCPA affects. As long as your business is collecting personal data from California residents, you will have to comply with the CCPA ruleset.

And, if you’re confused about what the CCPA includes, we got you! Click here and you will find out everything you need to know about the CCPA.

We, at BitTruster, want to help your business grow by making it safer and more successful.

Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft BitLocker

by BitTruster