What is Your Company’s Risk

What is Your Company’s Risk

Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft BitLocker

by BitTruster

Has your company complies with the CCPA yet? If you haven’t then you might want to start to get on that.

The CCPA has been in effect since January 2020, which to be fair, wasn’t that long ago.

But still, any company that has failed to comply with the rules that the CCPA has set, has had to face the consequences.

What are these consequences? Let’s take a look:

The Consequences of Not Complying With the CCPA

Every single company that is either within California, or that does business with California has to comply with the CCPA.

If you ever chose not to do that, then you will most likely face a fine. What are fines? Here, we’ll show you:


Fines can end up being pretty dangerous and harmful to a company. They can ruin your reputation to the point of no return.

Why? Because a CCPA fine is not something that you can just pay one afternoon and then move on with your life.

A CCPA fine can be as expensive as $7,500. That’s right! And, we’re not saying that $7.500 covers all your fines. We’re saying that it’s that amount per fine.

Plus, the more fines you get, the more expensive they will start to become. You don’t want to have to risk your business not succeeding.

What you want is to grow your business and give yourself a good name. Well, that won’t happen if you continue to not comply with the CCPA.

So, just save yourself a massive and unnecessary headache by complying with the CCPA. you will not only avoid getting a fine, but you will also avoid your customers suing you.

Hold on, customers can do what? They can sue you. Here’s how:

How Customers Can Sue You

You read that right! Customers can indeed sue you. But, how? And, why?

Well, the CCPA can answer both those questions. Under the CCPA, customers have the right to:

  • Request information about the collected data
  • Ask businesses to stop collecting data and delete the one that was already collected
  • Opt-out of the sale of personal data
  • Not be discriminated for using their CCPA rights

All of these points can factor into a customer’s reasoning for suing you. You might’ve failed to listen to their requests. You might’ve not kept their data safe.

All you have to do is inform them about the fact that you are collecting their data. And, if they ask you about the safety of their data, just tell them all about the encryption service that you are using.

And, if you are feeling undecided about the encryption service you need to use as well, then fear not. We got you covered.

You can use BitLocker to encrypt all of your and your customers’ data. BitLocker is free, fast and really easy to handle. Why is it so easy to handle?

Well, that’s because BitTruster makes that job easy. BitTruster is the best tool to manage BitLocker. With BitTruster, you will get a cost-effective, automatic and incredibly fast experience.

You can avoid dangers that threaten your company’s success. Or, you can risk getting mixed up with those dangers. What will it be?

A More Successful Company

Alright, what’s next? You can have a safe and successful company. All you need to do is comply with the CCPA.

Getting BitLocker and BitTruster will also help. Not only by keeping your data safe, but by also giving your more information about the CCPA.

We, at BitTruster, can tell you everything you need to know about the CCPA. The only thing left is to get to work and comply!

Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft BitLocker

by BitTruster