Training Your Staff to Properly Handle Your Enterprise Data

Training Your Staff to Properly Handle Your Enterprise Data

Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft BitLocker

by BitTruster

So, your staff doesn’t know how to handle data? It’s alright, they can still learn. And, here’s the best part, you can help them do that.

They need to do the work though. First things first, why do you want your staff to know this stuff? Well, there will always be hackers ready to steal your data.

And, when it’s just you, it’s a slight headache. But, when a big company is involved, then that headache can grow bigger and bigger.

Hackers want to steal data. And, this can either be employee, personal or client information.

Data Protection

If your business doesn’t take data protection seriously, then it won’t last for long. Don’t worry, you can easily protect your data. BitLocker encryption can do that for you. With BitLocker, you can encrypt a lot of data in so little time.

Well, BitLocker wouldn’t be as good as it is without BitTruster helping it. BItTruster is not only safe and fast, but really cost effective too. You will barely spend anything to gain so much.

But, can this stop the hackers? Yes, it can. But that doesn’t mean that they won’t try to breach your data again. This is where your staff comes into play. If they know how to stop hackers, then your worries will be gone.

You have to start a program first. You can set up meetings. It doesn’t have to be overly formal. You can just inform them on what to do and what not to do.

You can use PowerPoint to present your ideas. Don’t be shy, explain everything. But don’t forget to make it easy for them to understand. You want them to want to do a good job, not feel obligated to do so.

That way, they won’t dread the next meeting. Yes, you need to have more than just one meeting. It’s okay, these can be just check-ins on how the company security is going.

Your employees won’t even have to worry about learning BitLocker.BitTruster can make it really easy to manage.

Now, they can learn all the needed ins and outs. Hold on, don’t set up a meeting just yet. There’s something else you need to think about.

What if your employees want to steal data? Be careful, this is not as uncommon as you think. What you want to do is create an insider threat policy. This will help you oversee the data and prevent your staff from stealing it.

Well, there you go. Training your staff can be fun. It doesn’t have to feel like an obligation, even though it is. Making you and them believe it’s not is the actual trick.

Don’t forget, BitLocker can help make the work even easier. Now, you’re ready to go.

Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft BitLocker

by BitTruster