How Expensive Can a Data Encryption Software Be?

How Expensive Can a Data Encryption Software Be?

Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft BitLocker

by BitTruster

Do you want to handle encryption without spending a lot of money? Here’s the good news: BitLocker is free. Free to install that is. Maintaining it is a whole other story.

Don’t worry, maintaining BitLocker doesn’t have to be expensive. However, it does depend on the type of tool you’re using.

BitTruster is the tool you’re looking for. BitTruster is really cost-effective. Not to mention how safe and easy it is to use.

Your business, whether it’s big or small, needs BitLocker encryption. Without it, hackers would swoop in and steal all your data. And, it’s already a big deal when it’s just about your data. Imagine how big of a deal it is for big companies.

Why? Because companies don’t store just their data. They also store their client’s data.

If you lose your client’s data, then you will also lose their trust. And, if there’s no trust from your clients, there will be no way for your company to grow.

This is why BitTruster has created three subscription plans for every CIO and CISO who wants to protect their enterprise but doesn’t want to spend a lot. Here’s how:

The Silver Plan

The Silver Plan will make managing BitLocker easier. This is a standard plan. It makes sure you have full control over BitLocker.

BitTruster will help manage BitLocker. What it will do is create an internal audit of your enterprise. Now, BitLocker won’t work against your enterprise’s policies.

As something extra, you wouldn’t ever lose your PINs or recovery passwords. There will always be backups to replace the original.

But, how much does The Silver Plan cost? It’s no more than $1.99 per month. BitTruster can easily store your PINs and passwords, no matter what device you’re on.

And, if you can’t access them, you can just use the helpdesk. The helpdesk is available to customer admins. They can use it to resolve potential end-user issues.

The Gold Plan

Do you find it hard to maintain your data privacy? Well, you no longer have to worry about that. The Gold Plan was made just for this job. That and managing BitLocker in your business.

If you own a big business that collects a lot of data on different devices, then this is the plan for you. You would have complete control over BitLocker.

Also, don’t worry about anyone stealing your PINs or passwords. They’re all safely stored based on what role the employees have. This makes the management process easy.

BitTruster can also help you out. It can make the entire environment status available to check out in report format.

Have I mentioned how cost-effective the Gold Plan is? You can spend just $3.99 per month on these benefits. No more password or PIN issues. No more encryption issues. All of it can be taken care of.

You can also resolve some issues on your own if you want. Just use the Self Help Portal piece.

The Enterprise Plan

Do you want everything the Gold Plan includes but in a more on-premise version? Then the Enterprise Plan is the plan for you.

With this plan, BitTruster will fully manage BitLocker, as long as it’s within the premise.

With The Enterprise Plan, you can also have private meetings with the software experts at BitTruster. You can discuss many different things like:

  • TPM/PIN management
  • The well-crafted protection reports
  • How all the endpoints are handled
  • How to perform an internal audit of the enterprise’s policies and licenses

BitTruster will make managing BitLocker seem like an easy and fun activity.

Also, BitTruster can work with any type of enterprise, big or small. It can help them respect the rules set by the GDPR and CCPA.

So, have you decided which plan to go with? No matter what you pick, know that BitTruster will always be here to help with anything you need.

Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft BitLocker

by BitTruster