How data encryption can help you save your business

How data encryption can help you save your business

Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft BitLocker

by BitTruster

Do you know that data encryption can help you save your business? It actually can.

If your data isn’t encrypted, then it can be more easily accessed.

Which might not sound like a bad thing at first. After all, what’s wrong with you accessing your data easily? Well, you won’t be the only one accessing it.

That’s right! If your data isn’t encrypted many outsiders will try to access your data. And, they won’t ask for your permission either. They will just hack in and steal your data.

But, who are these people? And, why do they want your data? They’re hackers who want your data for their own benefit. Here’s all you need to know about hackers:


Hackers are a real threat. And, what’s worse is that they will always be a threat.

As long as your business is storing something that hackers are after, they will never go away. Hackers are always going to be there, waiting for a chance to steal your data.

But, why? Why do they want your data so badly? Well, it depends.

Hackers might steal data for one reason or another. Most of the time, they’re after one of two things:

  • Information
  • Money

They either want information that can help them with something they need. Or they want to steal money from you.

If hackers are after money, they will likely hold the data they steal as leverage. They will tell you to give them what they want, or they’ll make that data public.

And, it’s bad enough if they have your data. But, it’s going to be even worse if they have your client data.

Client Data

Businesses store client data so they can enhance their client’s experience. Well, if that data is stolen, then your clients will have anything but a good experience.

Don’t disregard client trust. You need your clients to trust you.

If they don’t, then they won’t get what your business is offering anymore. And, your business will stop growing in name. Which will make your business less successful.

That’s not something you want to go through. This is why you have to encrypt your data.

And what better encryption software will do that, other than BitLocker? Here’s everything that BitLocker offers you:

How BitLocker Can Help

With BitLocker you won’t just get data encryption. You will also get a lot of features that help make your experience that much better.

BitLocker is safe. It’s easy to go through. And, you won’t waste time going through your data. You can encrypt a lot of data and waste no time doing it.

Here’s everything that you can expect from using BitLocker:

  • Data Can Be Encrypted Easily

Up until now, you have probably encrypted data on your own. Well, not anymore! BitLocker can encrypt your data automatically.

Now, you know why data encryption is so important and how it can save your business.

  • Entire Hard Drives Can Be Encrypted

Yes, BitLocker can encrypt entire hard drives. Which is no small task, seeing how it’s almost impossible for other systems to do this.

Not only will your hard drive be encrypted, but it will be so in a short amount of time too.

  • You Can Move Your Data Around

Now, you’re probably thinking: “Is this really that big of a deal?” Yes, it is.

By now, you know that unencrypted data is easy to steal. Well, imagine how easy it is to steal unencrypted data that goes from one place to another.

BitLocker can help you avoid this headache. Now, you can get your data wherever you go. And, you don’t have to worry about anyone stealing it.

  • You Can Manage Everything Easily

If you think that all of this is hard to manage, don’t. Yes, this is all a lot. And, if you were to go through it on your own, it would likely take way too long to manage everything.

But, you won’t have to do that. BitTruster will help you.

With BitTruster, the management process can go by in a blink of an eye. All your encrypted data can be managed really fast.

Your time shouldn’t be wasted. And, it won’t be.

Your CIO and CISO will also benefit a lot from your getting BitTruster. Both of them make sure that data is safe and can be used to benefit your business.

BitTruster can make their lives and work a lot easier.

And, we still haven’t mentioned how cost effective BitTruster is. With BitTruster, you can spend next to nothing to gain almost everything.

We offer three subscription plans: The Silver Plan, The Gold Plan and The Enterprise Plan.

All of these plans are inexpensive and can prove really useful for your business.

Now, you know why data encryption is so important and how it can save your business.

BitLocker and BitTruster can help you achieve that. With them, you can learn everything you need to know to build a strong business.

Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft BitLocker

by BitTruster