How BitTruster helps you maintain Data Privacy

  • By BitTruster
  • April 13, 2021

It is now a given that all devices must be encrypted to maintain data security. Despite the fact that data security has gotten special attention after the implementation of the GDPR regulations, it has been a bit challenging for IT departments in general to fully maintain and manage data. To do so, their only alternative has been that in order to secure data, all devices must be encrypted. Therefore, Microsoft BitLocker has been a lifesaver for the CIOs and CISOs of the world. Although BitLocker is a free tool that comes with Windows 10 as standard, its implementation does have a lot of challenges, and you will definitely need the help of a specialist to install and manage it. Microsoft BitLocker is a great mechanism for data protection. It is used by different companies to prevent data leakage in the event of a stolen or lost device. With BitLocker you are able to detect if a device has been altered while offline. BitLocker’s sleek and sophisticated drive encryption design makes it a valuable tool for any organization regardless of their size.

Managing the entire life cycle of your companies’ Microsoft BitLocker from a BitTruster’s centralized cloud-based solution is ideal in cost, time and risk management. BitTruster ensures BitLocker can be used most effectively while being cost-efficient in the most complex and challenging IT environments. It’s a tool that helps you protect your data all while meeting your enterprise’s policies and GDPR/CCPA regulations. BitTruster is here to make BitLocker encryption management an exercise in convenience for organizations of every size. It ensures to make compliance reporting easier and the reporting functions of BitLocker management can be customized to suit your needs as a company. Moreover, BitTruster makes it extremely easy for you to restore your lost PIN or passwords thanks to its centrally storing system for every machine. Altogether, drive encryption is a very powerful data protection method, which is easier to implement with proper tools, and BitTruster is definitely the one you need.

At BitTruster we are extremely proud of the integrity and the confidentiality we give to our customers. Handling data is a highly sensitive process, that is why BitTruster provides full transparency and accuracy on the methodology and the whole process of data protection. The management of BitLocker with the help of BitTruster can step up the data security of any organization. With any of the packages BitTruster offers, you can easily enable BitLocker to all your organization’s devices and ultimately secure your organization’s full data protection.