GDPR – The Strongest Privacy and Security Law in the World

GDPR – The Strongest Privacy and Security Law in the World

Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft BitLocker

by BitTruster

Do you know that the GDPR is the strongest privacy and security law in the world? Yes, you read that right! Although there are other privacy and security laws out there, none is as strong as the GDPR.

But, what even is the GDPR? The GDPR sets up rules about how an organization in Europe should handle data.

That’s the short answer. Now, let’s go into a little more detail:

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

As mentioned above, The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) sets up rules that organizations in Europe should follow.

How can these rules affect your business? Well, your organization will want to provide something or employ someone in the European Union (EU).

Before your organization goes through with any of that, you will need to check if your actions don’t go against the GDPR.

But, where exactly does the GDPR focus on? Data. How a business collects data and how it can handle it.

And, remember that there is more than just one type of data. So, your business needs to be careful about handling all of it.

Here are the types of data that your business is going to work with:

Personal Data

Personal data is used to identify people. This can include their name, date of birth, address, or even pseudonyms.

It doesn’t matter how obscure your personal data is. Businesses still collect it. And, the GDPR makes sure that that data is handled properly.

Sensitive Data

Sensitive data can include parts of personal data. The difference between them is that sensitive data is a lot more delicate. This means that sensitive data is handled with even more care.

Sensitive data can include your religion, ethnicity, DNA data and so on.

So, now you know the type of data that the GDPR looks out for. But, what should businesses keep in mind when they want to stay compliant with the GDPR’s ruleset?

Businesses always follow some specific steps in order to do that. Here they are:

The Type of Data You Collect and Why Do You Need it?

Your business needs to know the type of data it’s collecting. After all, you can’t just collect whatever data you need to use it however you want.

As mentioned above, the GDPR protects more than just one type of data.

So, what you need to do is lookout for the type of data that your business is collecting and why it needs that data.

Your business may need that data to gather information so they can better their customers’ experience. Or they might even need it for legal reasons.

Whatever the reason is, your business always has to pay attention to the data they collect.

Keep Everyone Informed

Your business always has to inform people whenever their personal data is being collected. This can include your customers, employees or anyone else.

Not only do they need to know that you’re collecting their data, but also why your business is doing it.

Always remember that that data doesn’t belong to your business. So, by keeping them informed, you’re avoiding trouble that would come later on.

You can tell them why you need their data and how long you will need to keep it.

Your business should always delete the data after it’s done needing it. Never keep data stored for longer than necessary.

Keep the Data Secure

You always have to keep your data and other people’s data safe. Why? Because, if you don’t, people will take advantage of the situation and steal that data.

That’s something that you definitely want to avoid. Luckily for you, BitLocker encryption can make sure that that data is safely protected.

How? By encrypting it.

BitLocker can encrypt a lot of your data in almost no time at all. It’s not only fast but also safe and really easy to handle.

BitLocker also benefits from having BitTruster manage it.

Not only is BitTruster incredibly fast, but also automatic. You won’t ever have to worry about handling a lot of encrypted data on your own.

BitTruster is also really cost effective. With BitTruster, you choose from any of the three subscription plans it offers. You can spend a little to gain a lot.

There you have it! GDPR really is the strongest privacy and security law out there.

And, BitLocker and BitTruster can guide you along the way. Now, you won’t ever have a problem with following GDPR’s ruleset.

Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft BitLocker

by BitTruster