Why is the California Consumer Privacy Act necessary?

So, you have to comply with the CCPA, but are not really sure why it’s necessary to do so. Fear not! We are here to explain what this act is all about. And, what it is you need to know and do in order to comply with the rules that are in this act. So, […]

Do You Have the Right to Delete Personal Information?

Do you know what your rights are under the CCPA? You might be surprised at the amount of rights that the CCPA grants you. Among these rights, there is the right to delete your personal information, if that’s what you want to do. But, why would you even consider doing something like that? Well, one […]

Why Do Businesses Need Your Personal Information?

Are you wondering why businesses collect your personal information?  The answer to that question is not actually as complicated or even as frightening as you may think. Many businesses collect data. They do this for all sorts of reasons. Here’s more about that: The Reasons Behind Data Collecting As we mentioned above, there are a […]

Who Does the CCPA Affect?

Are you sure that your business is affected by the CCPA? There’s actually a chance that it might not be. Thinking that your business is affected by the CCPA is not an uncommon thought. Usually, the people who think this have a business within the U.S.. But, having a business within the U.S. does not […]

Can Businesses be Sued over Data Breaches Under the CCPA?

Can businesses be sued over data breaches under the CCPA? That question might be a mouthful, but it’s also an interesting one. It’s definitely a question that a huge number of businesses are wondering, yours is just one of them. So, what’s the answer? Well, the answer is yes. Yes, your business can be sued […]

What Businesses Does the CCPA Affect?

So, you’re on the fence on whether or not you should comply with the CCPA rules. Don’t worry. The CCPA is not really as complicated as some people think. The CCPA can actually be really easy to understand and follow. We’ll help you learn everything you need to know about both the CCPA and data […]

What Are Data Breaches?

Do you know that data breaches can cause some serious harm to your business? That’s right! Data breaches are really dangerous. They can be the cause for why some businesses fail to succeed. Why are they so dangerous? Well, not following the road that the CCPA security standards lay out is definitely the reason for […]

GDPR and CCPA: Differences and Similarities

What are the differences between the GDPR and the CCPA? That’s the big question, isn’t it? Nowadays, you will find that there are a ton of people who are not really sure how the GDPR and the CCPA actually differ. Some think that they don’t have any differences. Some others even think that they are […]

What is Not Considered Personal Information?

Are you sure you know what personal information actually is? There might be a few things that you still need to learn about this type of data. Under the CCPA, personal information (PI) is referred to as information that is used to relate, describe, and identify a particular consumer or household. This can be done […]

Are Non-California Residents Affected by the CCPA?

Are you a California resident? If that’s a yes, then chances are that you have heard of the CCPA. The CCPA grants you a ton of rights. That way, you can have more say in what happens to your personal data. But wait, what does your personal data have to do with all of this? […]